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​Unistrengh Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent

Unistrengh's newly developed Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent is a user-friendly and easily deployable car roof tent designed for quick and convenient setup and storage. Unlike traditional soft rooftop tents, this innovative design eliminates the need for users to individually unfold doors and windows, saving valuable time during the deployment process. In comparison to both traditional soft rooftop tents and hardshell rooftop tents, the Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent by Unistrengh stands out for its superior convenience and speed, while also boasting a lighter weight than hardshell alternatives. Additionally, it provides a more spacious interior within the same dimensions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free and comfortable camping experience.


    Model CARTT03-F 140  CARTT03-F 160
    Expanded Size(CM) 242*143*130 242*162*130
    Fold Size(CM) 143*121*29 162*121*29
    Package Size(CM) 150*124*30 168*124*30
    Mattress Size(CM) 238*138*6 238*156*6
    Gross Weight(KG) 63 67
    Net Weight(KG) 57 60
    ​Unistrengh Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent02ryj
    ​Unistrengh Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent019lx


    1. Instant opening system(automatic opending
    The rooftop tent by Unistrengh boasts an impressive 10-second setup time, allowing campers to unfold and enjoy the convenience of their rooftop tent almost instantly. In contrast to conventional soft rooftop tents, this model features an innovative instant opening system that enables campers to experience the comfort of their rooftop tent without the usual delays. A simple pull on the one-touch retractable ladder effortlessly unfolds the base, simultaneously opening the doors and windows of the rooftop tent.

    ​Unistrengh Instant Opening Soft Rooftop Tent00011km2. High quality material
    Furthermore, this rooftop tent is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. The tent is made from 320gsm polyester cotton canvas, providing a robust and weather-resistant shelter. The base is constructed from the same premium diamond plate aluminum found in top brands, ensuring stability and reliability in outdoor conditions. With excellent wind and rain resistance, this rooftop tent is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, offering campers a secure and comfortable shelter for their expeditions.