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Unistrengh wholesaler classic polyester rooftop tent for camping CARTT02-1

Unistrengh's soft rooftop tent is crafted with high-quality materials, featuring a 320gsm polyester-cotton blend fabric and a 29mm thick textured aluminum panel. The tent's unique design and carefully selected materials contribute to its outstanding performance in wind resistance and waterproof capabilities, allowing it to effortlessly withstand challenging outdoor conditions. Moreover, this roof tent exhibits durability and stability, providing reliable shelter for your outdoor activities. Whether you're camping, embarking on wilderness adventures, or going on long journeys, Unistrengh's soft top roof tent is your ideal choice, enhancing your outdoor experience with comfort and safety.


    Model CARTT02-1 CARTT02-2 CARTT02-3
    Expanded Size(cm) 310*140*126 310*160*126 310*190*126
    Package Size(cm) 150*125*30 170*125*30 200*125*30
    Mattress Size(cm) 238*136*6 238*156*6 238*186*6
    Gross Weight(kg) 69 70 80
    Net Weight(kg) 63 65 75
    Sleeps 1-3 1-4 1-4

    High-Quality Rip-Stop Fabric

    The soft top roof tent is a refined choice crafted from high-quality polyester-cotton fabric. What sets it apart is the incorporation of exceptional rip-stop technology, providing users with outstanding protective performance. This tent not only boasts excellent waterproof capabilities, effectively warding off the onslaught of harsh weather but also emphasizes breathability, ensuring proper airflow within the vehicle for a more comfortable driving and camping experience.

    The selection of premium polyester-cotton fabric allows the soft top roof tent to remain lightweight while maintaining exceptional durability, providing users with a long lifespan. Its unique rip-stop design not only effectively prevents tearing but also enhances the tent's overall sturdiness, making it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

    Whether traversing mountainous terrain or crossing deserts, the soft top roof tent effortlessly handles various complex landscapes and weather challenges. Carefully designed waterproof features ensure that your journey remains undisturbed by rain, while excellent breathability provides a refreshing internal environment.

    Portable Installation Experience

    We include a comprehensive set of installation accessories and an installation manual in the packaging. When your customers receive the product, they can easily follow the instructions to install the bottom rail slide and secure it to the roof. Using it is a breeze, requiring only a few steps: Open the PVC protective cover, extend the ladder to unfold the roof tent, use support poles to secure the rainfly, and you are ready to enjoy outdoor camping.

    Various OEM Options

    Unistrengh is a wholesale manufacturer of roof tents with extensive experience in customization. We offer comprehensive support for customized requirements, assessing and providing quotes for projects based on our customers' specific needs.

    The customizable product components include:

    (1) Fabric: Choose between environmentally friendly materials or polyester options with weights of 260gsm or 360gsm.

    (2) Bottom Board: Select from high, medium, or low configurations based on your requirements.

    (3) Interior: Upgrade options include a curved roof, skylight, anti-condensation mat, thicker mattress, U-shaped door, insulating inner layer, and more.

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    We prioritize meeting the unique needs of our customers and are committed to evaluating, quoting, and completing customized projects to ensure satisfaction with our products.

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