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Playdo is our own brand founded in 2015, focused on portable rooftop tents for families, looking for partners around the world

Overseas Distributor and Agent Agreement

By mutual friendly negotiation, the Brand Owner (hereinafter referred to as the "Party A") and the Agent (hereinafter referred to as the "Party B") voluntarily agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Overseas Distributor and Agent Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, both parties agree to enter into this contract and establish a business relationship. Both parties have carefully read and fully understood the contents of each clause.

Party A: Beijing Unistrengh International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Address: Room 304, Building B, Jinyuguoji, NO. 8 Yard, North Longyu Street, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing, P.R. China

Contact Person:

Phone: +86-10-82540530

Agreement Terms

  • I Party A Grants Party B Agency Rights and Scope
    Party A acknowledges and appoints Party B as a □ Purchaser □ Distributor □ Agent for the [Specify Region] and authorizes Party B to promote, sell, and handle after-sales services for the products mentioned in this Agreement. Party B accepts Party A's appointment.
  • II Term of Agreement
    This Agreement shall be valid for ___ years, from [Start Date] to [End Date]. Upon expiration of the agreement, both parties may negotiate for renewal, and the terms and duration of the renewal shall be mutually agreed upon.
  • III Obligations of Party A
    3.1 Party A shall provide the necessary support and training to Party B to enable Party B to better promote and sell the products or services.
    3.2 Party A shall deliver the products or provide services to the Party B in accordance with the delivery schedule specified in the agreement. In case of force majeure circumstances, both parties shall communicate and work together to resolve the issue.
    3.3 Market and After-Sales Support: Party A shall address product quality issues and other reasonable requests raised by Party B.
    3.4 Party A agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information related to this agreement and any business secrets and sensitive information involved in the cooperation process.
    3.5 If the Party B enjoys market protection rights: Party A shall transfer customers intending to collaborate with Party A and belonging to Party B's protected territory to Party B for management and grant Party B exclusive sales rights for the products in that region.
  • IV Obligations of Party B
    4.1 Party B shall actively promote, sell, and provide the products or services authorized by Party A, and uphold Party A's reputation.
    4.2 Party B shall purchase products or services from Party A at the prices and terms specified in the contract and make timely payments.
    4.3 Party B shall regularly provide sales and market reports to Party A, including sales data, market feedback, and competitive information.
    4.4 Party B shall bear the expenses for advertising and promotion of the agency products within the agency region during the term of this agreement.
    4.5 Party B agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information related to this agreement and any business secrets and sensitive information involved in the cooperation process.
    4.6 Party B shall place orders and notify Party A for production arrangements 90 days in advance based on their own sales volume plan.
  • Other Terms
    5.1 Payment Terms
    Party A requires Party B to make payments for the agency products prior to shipment. If Party B wishes to make changes to the appearance, shape, or structure of the agency products as stated in Party A's purchase order, Party B must pay a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% payment should be settled in full by Party B after the factory inspection by Party A but before Party A's shipment.
    5.2 Minimum Sales Commitment
    During the term of this agreement, Party B shall purchase a quantity of agency products from Party A that is not less than the committed minimum sales volume. If Party B fails to meet the committed minimum sales volume, Party A reserves the right to cancel Party B's agency status.
    5.3 Price Protection
    When Party B conducts online sales of agency products, they must price the products at a rate not lower than the prices specified by Party A or the promotional prices. Otherwise, Party A has the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement and seek compensation from Party B for any losses incurred, or develop new agencies within Party B's protected area (if applicable). The pricing for agency products as requested by Party A is as follows:
    Island of Fish: $1799 USD
    Inflatable Shell: $800 USD
    Dog Guardian Plus: $3900 USD
    The promotional pricing for agency products as requested by Party A is as follows:
    Island of Fish: $1499 USD
    Inflatable Shell: $650 USD
    Dog Guardian Plus: $3200 USD
    5.4 Dispute Resolution
    Any disputes or disagreements arising from this agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiations between both parties. If a resolution cannot be reached amicably, the dispute shall be submitted to Beijing Commercial Arbitration for litigation.
    5.5 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    This agreement is governed by the chosen law and shall be interpreted and enforced accordingly. Any legal disputes related to this agreement shall be submitted to the chosen court.
    Additional Agreement Terms
  • Termination of Agreement
    6.1 If either party violates this agreement, the other party has the right to provide advance notice and terminate this agreement.
    6.2 Upon the expiration of the agreement, in the absence of a separate agreement for renewal, this agreement shall automatically terminate.
  • Force Majeure
    In the event that circumstances such as floods, fires, earthquakes, droughts, wars, or other unforeseeable, uncontrollable, unavoidable, and insurmountable events prevent or temporarily hinder the full or partial performance of this agreement by either party, that party shall not be held responsible. However, the party affected by the force majeure event shall promptly notify the other party of the occurrence and provide proof of the force majeure event issued by relevant authorities within 15 days of the force majeure event.
  • This agreement shall come into effect upon the signature and seal of both parties. This agreement consists of two copies, with each party holding one copy.
  • If both parties have supplementary terms, they must sign a written agreement. The supplementary agreement is an integral part of this agreement, and the product prices are attached as an appendix or supplementary attachment, holding equal legal validity with this agreement.