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More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production experience

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
At Unistrengh, we take pride in offering comprehensive OEM services that empower your brand. Our OEM solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of your business, ensuring that your products stand out in the market. Collaborate with our experienced team to develop products that align with your brand identity. From design to functionality, we customize every aspect to meet your specifications.
 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 017pm

Base Design Customization


Start with a solid foundation – our standard rooftop tent designs. Customers have the flexibility to build upon these designs to create a product that fits specific needs.

Rooftop tent Catalog

Material, Color, and Size Options


Our roof tent supports a variety of colors to choose from, providing 9 best-selling color references, and also supports color customization.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 02x31

Light Customization


We support light customization services for roof tent products and provide a variety of optional accessories.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 032it

Size and Specification Adjustments


Tailor the size and specifications of your products according to your market demands. Whether it's dimensions or technical specifications, we adapt to your needs.

Branding Integration


We offer customization options for incorporating your logo and brand information, ensuring a consistent and professional look. Also, we support package OEM service, from box design to branding elements, we work closely with you to create packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Efficient Production Process


Benefit from our in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our streamlined production process ensures quality and timely delivery of your customized products.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 04qa9

Quality Assurance


We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Our commitment to quality ensures that your branded products meet the highest standards.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 0516k

Contact us today to explore the professional OEM rooftop tent service and take your outdoor business to new heights.


Reliable Rooftop Tent Factory Partner

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)
In rooftop tent manufacturing, finding a reliable ODM partner is paramount to success. As a factory manufacturer specializing in rooftop tent, we understand the significance of collaboration with an ODM partner that excels in key areas. We will introduce why you should choose us as your ODM manufacturer in terms of Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, protection of design intellectual property, sales team proficiency, and a robust factory supply chain.

Research and Development Capabilities


A reliable ODM partner distinguishes itself through robust Research and Development capabilities. This entails not only staying abreast of the latest industry trends but also possessing the technical prowess to innovate and create cutting-edge rooftop tent designs. Collaborating with a partner that invests in R&D ensures that your products remain at the forefront of technological advancements, offering customers innovative and high-quality solutions.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 078z6

Design Intellectual Property Protection


The protection of design intellectual property is a critical aspect of any ODM partnership. A trustworthy partner understands the importance of safeguarding unique designs and innovations. Through stringent measures and adherence to legal standards, a reliable ODM partner ensures that the fruits of collaborative design efforts remain exclusive to your brand, preventing unauthorized replication and preserving your market competitiveness.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 080mk

Sales Team Proficiency


A successful ODM partnership extends beyond the production floor. A reliable partner boasts a proficient sales team capable of understanding market dynamics, consumer preferences, and effective communication. This synergy ensures that your rooftop tents not only meet technical specifications but also align with market demands, contributing to increased sales and brand visibility.

 More than 8 years of rooftop tent OEM production 064yk

Factory Supply Chain


Efficient and well-managed factory supply chains are the backbone of reliable ODM partnerships. From sourcing quality materials to streamlined manufacturing processes, a dependable partner integrates a seamless supply chain. This not only enhances production efficiency but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, enabling competitive pricing without compromising on product quality.

In conclusion, selecting a reliable ODM partner is pivotal for a rooftop tent factory manufacturer seeking sustainable growth and market leadership. By evaluating R&D capabilities, design intellectual property protection, sales team proficiency, and the strength of the factory supply chain, manufacturers can forge partnerships that elevate their products and brand to new heights in the competitive rooftop tent market. And we can provide sample service.


Distribute PlayDo's Innovative Inflatable Rooftop Tents!

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) is a manufacturing model where a company not only produces goods but also creates and promotes its own brand. Playdo is our own brand founded in 2015, focused on portable rooftop tents for families. We have developed a series of portable inflatable rooftop tent products and are now looking for OBM partners around the world.Read more
Guard dog plus inflatable rooftop tentibk

Why Choose Our Factory ?

  • 1. Supply chain: Use high-quality raw materials to ensure the stability of production and uniformity of dyeing, and quality assurance, starting from the source.
  • 2. ODM design system: We can turn your ideas into reality and provide professional advice. Support custom OEM & ODM service.
  • 3. Photo service: Exquisite pictures are very important for sales, we can make a set of pictures according to customer requirements, to save the costs customers.
  • 4. Production control system: The production process is strictly controlled and the process is continuously optimized to ensure the stability of the product.
  • 5. Inspection system: To achieve quality objectives, we conduct a full inspection of each order.
  • 6. Packaging system: Professional packaging to effectively prevent damage to the product during transportation, to ensure that each product is intact to the customer.
  • 7. Label service: We provide custom amazon UPC barcode/ label service.
  • 8. Warehousing service system: Clear classification, and proper inventory to ensure the planning and stability of production.
  • 9. After-sales service system: To achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we have a comprehensive after-sales service system even if you don’t use the trade assurance in Alibaba.com.
  • 10. Express declaration information within 3 days of spot delivery, and the goods can be received within 5-10 days.
  • 11. Return or exchange within 7 days after receipt of the goods without any reason.
  • 12. 7*24 hours online sales service.