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Beijing Unistrengh International Trade Co.,Ltd. is a global enterprise with its products currently sold in over 80 countries worldwide. The company encompasses several subsidiaries, including Beijing Playdo Technology Co., Ltd., Playdo (Tianjin) Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., Playdo(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., Playdo Zhejiang Branch, and Playdo Hainan Branch.
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Our strength

In 2015, the company officially began research, development, production, and sales of home portable rooftop tent, camping tents, campsite design solutions, specialized roof cargo racks, and other related businesses. After eight years of industry development, it has become a professional brand for domestic and international family portable rooftop tent. Unistrengh is also a solution provider for campsite planning and design, offering OEM and ODM services to numerous large supermarket chains and brand retailers abroad. The company has amassed substantial industry experience.


Unistrengh boasts a dedicated research and development team, sales team, production team, and service team. The home portable rooftop tent developed by the company have secured invention patents in countries such as the United States and the European Union, making it the global pioneer in the research and production of home portable rooftop tent. The company is at the forefront of technology, holding multiple invention patents both domestically and internationally.

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Connecting Families With Nature

Unistrengh’s goal is to provide products that connect families worldwide, allowing each household to reconnect with nature, relieve the stresses of work and children's education, create a relaxed and enjoyable communication environment, and reduce family conflicts. It also encourages children to love nature, learn to live, and enjoy true outdoor life with their loved ones, starting with the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal together. The company believes in the power of sharing stories and secrets to nurture love in a companionable environment, strengthening bonds of affection, friendship, and love through communication.

Our Advantages

  • Innovative Home Portable Rooftop Tent: Pioneering the world in this field.
  • We currently hold over 80 valid patents, both domestically and internationally, with plans to exceed 100 valid patents by 2023.
  • Our company has a robust development strategy and a diverse brand portfolio.
  • We uphold a century-old corporate culture, driven by a strategic vision to build a great enterprise.
  • We remain true to our original aspirations, continuously nurturing a dedicated team committed to realizing grand dreams.
  • Our focus is on long-term product development strategies.
  • With our in-house factory, we have a strong foundation for support.
  • With over 8 years of experience, we have served customers in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.
  • Our business model possesses substantial competitive potential.

Unistrengh upholds principles such as pursuing human nature, continually creating value for customers, considering the well-being of employees, honesty and integrity, assuming social responsibility, and practicing altruism in its business operations.   Unistrengh will forever remain committed to its mission of serving the general public and providing cost-effective outdoor travel products for families worldwide.

Company Vision

Building a Century-Strong Enterprise, Fulfilling Collective Dreams, and Sustaining the Creation of a Remarkable Company that's Meaningful, Valuable, and a Force for Social Progress.

– – Corporate Culture


  • Our commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by the various certifications and credentials we possess, showcasing our expertise and professionalism in the field.
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    Patent-EU for Island of Fish

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    EU trademark for unistrengh